4:30pm - 12:00am


4:30pm - 10pm


/pub·house/ noun origin: Middle English, British Isles

a public house “PubHouse” that offers a comfortable and casusal gathering place, complimented by reasonably priced fine food and drink.

Easter Dinner @ PubHouse

Easter Specials 4:30pm-10pm Sunday, April 1st, 2018.

PubHouse and DBC Spirit Dinner

Join us Friday, April 27th, for a one of a kind event featuring Denali Brewing Companies new venture, Denali Spirits. Chef Aaron Schropp is pairing delectable delights with DBC's new line of spirits and ready to drink pre-mixed cocktails!


Hopshine Shrimp Ceviche Cocktail

citrus segments | spiced cocktail sauce | radish | horseradish foam



Espresso Braised Local Short Rib

chuli stout demi-glace | tamale cake | whiskey carrot puree | fried leek

“Chuli Boilermaker”


Almond-Spent Grain Fried Goat Cheese

baby arugula | red leaf | strawberry | champagne-lime vinaigrette | balsamic reduction

“Basil Gimlet”


“Fish and Tonic”

AK Spruce Tip Seafood Bouillabaisse

rockfish | shrimp | clams | mussels | spruce tip-saffron tomato broth | charred crostini | tomato aioli

“Gin & Tonic”


“Louisville Sweet and Sour Pork”

sour beer brined local pork loin | fried rice cake | nw apple-red pepper compote | sour cherry bordelaise

“Whiskey Sour”


Blueberry Mojito Tart

shortbread crust | mojito lime curd | hopshine blueberry compote | candied mint

“AK Wild Blueberry Mojito”